Does your concrete pumping software automate your pay roll for you with just one push of a bottom?
Todd 10-09-2020
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If not give me a call and we can help you. Rapid Apps allows you to automate your payroll. Check out this report.

PCross 11-25-2020
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Anyone NOT using this procedure is costing their company money-  Cross Pumping started using this over a year ago.  Provides the ability to look at payroll daily, helps to keep up with sharing hours equally, if you have any questions prior to submitting payroll for check process, employees can verify hours prior to payday and everyone can feel comfortable with the means to correct any problems.  If you are using ROTG, hours feed right in, so your processing of time is cut in half.  With the pandemic and a lot of company‚Äôs working from home, you can review, revise or prepare daily.  Call Rapid Apps for help if needed.


We are always looking for ways to save time and money - well this is a great way to save.

Peggy Cross

Cross Enterprises, Inc