Don't stomp kick a 4" clamp even with safety boots or this is what can happen.
Todd 01-13-2017
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This is why you don't stomp snap clamps boys. Strait through the boot, socks and foot. The 130kg on the other end of the foot probably didn't help. (poor guy) Keep it safe guys, looks like it hurts.

Doug 01-13-2017
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I did the exact thing. I put a 2" clamp handle about 1 to 1/1/2" into the bottom of my foot trying to close it with my weight. I had to pull it out myself and drive to the hospital. The handle flipped up and I impaled myself. About 10 years later the doctor removed what he thought was a cyst from the top of my foot. Inside was a paint chip from the clamp. It travelled all the way through my foot and my body formed a protective layer around it to protect me from the paint. Moral of the story, clean your clamps and ends.

Z-Boom_Parks 01-22-2017
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Was he not wearing a boot with a composite plate in the sole?