Down under
Bob 12-15-2005
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Hey AussieWhat is with all the unrest in Aus? I thought all you blokes went to work, drank beer & rested up for tomorrow. I was very surprized @ all the rioting. That is more of a USSA thing????????????

Aussie 12-15-2005
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Hi Bob hope your all well over there, on the riots thats just our goverment that want a multi culture nation ,worked fine in the beginning but unfortunauly they outnumber us now and i dont think we have seen the worst of it yet ,besides we are a bit back ward down here , have not had a cival war or anything like it but i think Mr Howards trying his best just so as he does not feel left out ( ONLY JOKING . STORM IN A TEA CUP I HOPE )any way good to hear from you look after yourself & will chat again cheers G!DAY FROM AUSSIE