ELD mandate going into effect nation wide this December 2017
Todd 08-31-2017
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With the new ELD mandate going into effect in less than a year, trucking companies will be dealing with a very different regulatory landscape. All interstate motor carriers will be required to have their trucks equipped with electronic logging devices by December, and truck drivers will have to switch over to electronic logbooks for their HOS logs. 

ELD Mandate

Any truck driver who’s required to track Hours of Service must do so with an electronic logging device (ELD) by December 16

If a truck’s ELD is found to be non-compliant during a roadside inspection, the carrier will get a one-time notice. If it happens a second time, the truck will be placed out of service, and the carrier will have just eight days to install compliant ELDs.

Got questions about how to stay compliant with the upcoming ELD mandate?

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Todd Bullis

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Todd 09-02-2017
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The great thing for Rapid Application (Pump Magic) users is that the (ELD) Electronic Logging Device used to record (H.O.S) hour of service for Concrete Pumping companies will be seen in your Dispatching software, you will know who can go where and how long they can work. You do not have to ask or look it up. This means less fines, more second round jobs and better management of your recourses. Our software works with our software, one program that does many many things help each person in your company to do their job and to do it well. Do you want to save money and increase your profit margin? Give me a call. Todd Bullis.