Electronic Job Tickets make a concrete pumping company 50% to 90% more efficient.
Todd 05-14-2019
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Wild claim right but not when you talk to those companies who are running our Electronic Ticket software "rapid on the go" software.

$50.00 a month per operator will cut down on your credit memos, increase efficiency, increase the number of jobs you do in a day, get your invoices out faster, less mistakes on job tickets and invoices, decrease office staff, make payroll much easier, end printing and paper cost, toss out your file cabinet. Remember the airline companies got rid of the paper ticket back in the 1980's and saved the airline industry over 3 billion dollars. Using our Electronic job tickets with Rapid applications will save you time and money 50% to 90%. If you do not believe me just ask Georges Concrete Pumping, Central Concrete Pumping, Cherokee, Jensen, Reynolds, Texans or Southwest.


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