Environmentally safe cleanout...
Derputzmeister 12-18-2005
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I wonder how many pump operators have been injured while trying to clean out into environmentally safe clean out locations. I have seen some real stupid (unsafe) locations to have a pump clean out into. I wonder if state workers comp is tracking work place injuries? What percent of injuries incurred by pump operators (or mixer drivers) have come while cleaning out into a tub or hole. Caltrans wanted me to clean out into a pit one time and I refused to do it...it was unsafe. The ground was too soft, near a cut bank and unlevel ground. Not only pump operators but also mixer drivers. Occasionally I fill in as a mixer driver and those washout tubs are a broken pelvis waiting to happen. Especially in Truckee on a freezing cold morning trying to balance yourself on the edge of the cleanout tub. What is the bigger disaster, major multiple back surgeries, therapy, disability for life or just let the pump operator/mixer driver clean out on level ground and then scoop it up with a loader bucket. The major discussion back in the lounge after days end is how many workers slipped and fell on a ice or oil covered washout tube/pit.

Bob 12-18-2005
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REALLY :confuse: The cure is worse than the disease

dieselman 12-18-2005
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I always carry a nice slpash board so I can pump my hopper down without blasting mud everywhere, and it works great to put down on the pans to stand on.As far as pits go they are useless to us operators..I am not going to stand on my transition elbows while hanging 6 feet above a pit so I wash out...Kinda insane really