Everdigm Pumps
mudpumper 10-22-2018
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Some questions for those who have run Everdigm units in the North American market. How do these pump seems to operate under normal working conditions, how does the boom feel/react while pumping in the 60-80 percent volume zone. For those who have run one of these units for a period of time, how well is the overall condition of the unit standing up since new? Has anyone ever run these units in weather conditions lower than -15C? Also, who is the Everdigm dealer for North America?

mcratchet 10-25-2018
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CPE America is the dealer in Metter Georgia, my buddy runs 3 of them for almost 1.5 years they have been holding up well. The only problems have been with the macks there sitting on there just like a 2000-2006 putz