Hell no mack is not going to fix that.
Todd 12-12-2018
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I will be so so glad when Mack even cares a little bit about the Concrete Pumping industry.

180 flyer 12-13-2018
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Guess Mack will never buy ad space on this site now. I wouldn't either. 

Todd 12-14-2018
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Mack in my opinion is an enemy of the Concrete Pumping industry, they just don't care, our numbers are to low for them to care about. Not only that when i try to get some help from them or work with them in anyway they are so big nobody there cares. 

Grandad 12-14-2018
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Mack does have a hot line specific to the concrete pump industry call Kriete Group in wisconsin and they can hook you up with phone numbers an a lot of the common complaints with Mack technology interfacing with concrete pump manufacturers.

Don't get me wrong I've had my fair share of problems with Macks but other manufactures have a lot of issues as well

180 flyer 12-15-2018
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So do you think Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner or any of the other big truck chassis builders will look at concrete pumping any differently? If so, why? There are other choices, but everybody is going to have issues of some sort. The cupholders aside, (you're meme was rather silly btw),  I've had great luck with Mack trucks under mixer bodies, concrete pumps and pulling pneumatic cement tankers down the road. Saying Mack is the enemy of the industry is just going to deepen the divide you're creating.

BTW Todd, I wasn't aware that you've ever owned or operated a Mack. If I'm wrong about that, say so. But if you haven't owned and/or spun wrenches on a Mack or other Class 8 truck chassis, you aren't qualified to throw shade at Mack Trucks.  If you don't own, why would they want to listen to you and your perceived, over-hyped problems with Mack products? The one that doesn't get it is you. If Mack were really as bad as you believe, the industry would move away from them as a chassis builder/supplier. 

I still bet this is all about ad $$. I recall a time when nobody could say (type) Putzmeister on this board due to them not buying ad space. Then, one day, they bought a banner ad.  Magically, Putz then became the darling of this website and it's owner. At least until the next banner ad purchaser came along. Who was that? Autocar you say? Hmmmmm. 

Todd 12-15-2018
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I know for a fact as i was just at their yard last week that Auto Car is working very very heard to help Concrete Pumpers. Also i have tried to work with Mack for years and years and I can not even get a returned phone call. Not only that but I work with most every concrete pumping company in the USA and Canada and I hear how upset people are with Mack. I also hear how people love Autocar and Kenworth. I see the problem and issues. Are you a Mack dealer is this about money for you?

mcratchet 12-17-2018
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Cant we all just get along lol well i love all our pre emission macks there bullet proof 3 of them 1.5 million miles and still running strong. Bought a new 2017 Mack and they could not even delivery it. Broke down on the way here 3 weeks at mack and its been to mack 11 times since then. Bought 2 new kenworths 2017 models not 1 dang problem!! So i dont know maybe we got lucky or mack is not improving on there defective sensors. IDK just my 2 cents and experience we owned all our 99, 00 model macks since new and i will never sell them!!