Help controlling splattering
JustinFigs 05-06-2019
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Hello, I was hoping I could gather some advice from you all. I am still very new to pumping, I've only been pumping about 6 months now, and I am having trouble controlling the flow of concrete so that it doesn't free-fall in my boom and splatter on buildings and what not. I operate a 2019 Schwing 39SX and typically set up with a 5" to 4" reducer to a 4" cutoff tip hose. What I've found will work is if I flatten out my tip boom but obviously this wont be ideal in all scenarios. I've read online that a S-tube or Ram's Horn on the end of a hose works well for this application but I've also heard that using that method is against OSHA regulations. What setups or methods do you guys use? Would a reducing hose be the way to go? Is there something I can be doing with my stroke limiter to alleviate this problem? Any help would be very appreciated, thank you.

pudg2 05-07-2019
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man if you are reducing down to 4" you should be able to turn your volume control to 5-6 and get a steady stream in a few strokes , I usually will start full throttle and then back off once the boom is full and honestly with a 4 inch you shouldn't even have to be at 5-6 on volume control , but the throttle up then down once boom was full always keeps my hose with a steady stream .

Concretejutsu 05-08-2019
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I agree with Pudg. With a 4" hose you should be able to start pumping at above 1400-1500 rpm between 5-6 and fill the boom within a few strokes then back off the rpm a bit.

JustinFigs 05-09-2019
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Thanks for the advice pudg2 and Concretejutsu. After I get a good flow going how much should I turn down the RPM's? I typically only turn my RPM's up to 1200-1300.

pudg2 05-09-2019
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I would start at 1500 or above and then drop down to 1200-1300 but honestly I usually try to find that sweet spot where my boom is not bouncing but have a steady flow and the boom operates well.

Devin 05-19-2019
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I used a lay flat hose on my slower paced jobs no splatter at all. 

TooTall 05-25-2019
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The top of a road cone on the end of the hose works.