Help with concrete pump malfunction at twin cylinder region
Royal 10-06-2018
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The differential (twin) cylinder in the schwing pump I operate moves very slowly wen pumping concrete even at very high r.p.m & high engine speed, the twin cylinder pumps with a slow stressed motion then after about one hour of pumping the twin cylinders motion will hang by itself and when I engage pumping to forward concrete it will struggle to move on slowly with high stress .....Also the pumping engine sound is not smooth.... Pls wat could be the cause of this malfunction and how can it be rectified.

Pedro 10-07-2018
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Buen dia. En mi bomba DESAF√ćO COCINAR BROS. Hemos tenido problemas con los pistones de goma por la falla del material HASTA llegar al punto de clavarse en los cilindros de bombeo sin que los vastagos lleguen a moverlos.puedes empezar por ahi gracias

Royal 10-07-2018
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Sorry Pedro, I am an English man.....don't understand your language, please can u reply d message in English we can communicate....thanks ,..expecting ur response soon..