Here is a list of the top 10 reasons we don? do..
DAVEtinkle 05-12-2005
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The biggest reason is getting everbody together at the same time. You have to except that and get as many employees as possible to a metting. mettings should be mandatopy and operators should be paid to attend.I like to do an award thing like most requested or clean truck or safety award. another suggestion is to do a safety tip of the week taken from a safety manual or even pictures of accidents like todd has on website. give them with job tickets and have them sign them and keep them in case of inspection. Remember who has most paper seldom gets fined.

WallCoPump 05-12-2005
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When you went to a safety meeting with Dave you always got paid, always got lunch,and always left the meeting alittle smarter. Thanks for make me a better operator then i would have been if i had worked for the yellow or green pump companies Dave. Jamie B.Goes in the big end, comes out the little....sometimes

DAVEtinkle 05-13-2005
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Thank you