bisley57 07-30-2017
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   What does the company you work for provide you to keep the hopper clean?Beside a tarp is a spray/pump can provided or an onboard system hardwired to truck? Most importantly do they provide a form oil or do they expect the operator to mix diesel and hydraulic oil?Curious to see what the big companies of 100+ pumps do to help the operator to keep their investment clean.

GARCIA 07-30-2017
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concrete solutions

Site is also in English

Concretejutsu 07-31-2017
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I work at a construction company and we have 6 pumps. They give us form oil and plastic for us to use at our discretion. I personally only spray down bit when I go out with our newest pump I use plastic as well.

Cplarcher 08-03-2017
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I just use mudslinger after my washout made by meyers, its a sugar based concrete remover works great and it wont eat the paint.