hours of service
kyputzman 03-30-2005
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Does anyone or any company really go by the hours of service laws? And if they do is it only when it benefits the company and not the operator?

rspumping 04-12-2005
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it would always just benefit the company they pay for the machine and breakdowns we get as close as we can to the service hours but you dont turn down a job beacause your 1 hour over the sheduled time

BrutalOne 04-13-2005
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I have yet to work for a pump company that ran by the book on dot regs Does anyone even know what the outcome of the change is anyways They switched to 10 off and a 70 hour eight day week but then i heard they went back to the 8 off so who knows guess i will have to google it if i want to know lolThis message was edited by BrutalOne on 4-13-05 @ 5:24 PM