how do you set the time
ROOK 12-04-2005
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Anyone know how to set the time on the stereo in the new mack trucks.

Casper 12-04-2005
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Press and hold the 3 & 6. It will beep and you use the scroll buttons to set the time. Then push the power button and it will beep. Your done.P.S. The paperwork for the radio is probably taped to the bottom of the overhead glove box.This message was edited by casper on 12-4-05 @ 9:11 PM

ROOK 12-11-2005
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I wish Peterbuilt would make a chassis and give the warrenty mack does just so i could get a cat engine. I hate having to tell people that i drive a one stack mack with an engine in the back. MACK SUCKS there are only two dissapointment in life teen age *@#&$ and mack trucks

Casper 12-14-2005
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Rook, sounds like you found yourself a sure enough dandy of a job site. :-) What transmission do they toss in them big rigs like what your driving?

rw 12-16-2005
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The cab for the MR688 is being re-designed. The prototype was shown to Mack dealers a few months ago and they expect to launch the changes in the 2008 model year (March-2007 delivery)

Casper 12-19-2005
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About Time.