How long does a 36 meter take to go from 65 to 0.
Industry 03-22-2005
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I was told that a 36 meter pump would stop just as fast as an average car. I have a hard time believing this. Does anyone have any facts. Do we follow the 3 sec rule or is it 6 sec. What

markuse 03-23-2005
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In Europe, trucks are required to go from 44 mph to 0 in about 70 yards, whereas cars are required to slow down from that speed within about 50 yards. That means, that trucks need more space, but not that much more. I guess this is close to US-requirements.

Justapumper 03-24-2005
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Desertrat has it right. Whoever said it stops like a car is nuts. I dont even drive a 26M like a car, except for it turns more like a car but, it still doesnt stop as, short. With a good Jake a 36M will stop fairly fast for its size but, who wants to stop one that fast. Always try and, leave room. I know it is next to impossible though, the way most morons, pull in front of you or, lane change almost scraping your bumper. :8o:

mrmike36z 09-05-2006
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I don't know about stopping but mine accelerates like a car :)