How To Be a Good Concrete Pump Operator
junhua 04-04-2021
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A Concrete Pump Operator is considered skilled workers that functions primarily as an authorized person to operate and supervise concrete pumping works on site. Operators do not work in a single fixed job site. Most times, these operators go from one location to another to oversee and direct pumping operations.


Transporting the pump to the job site. It is the operator's job to ensure that the pump gets to the job site in good condition. Also, the pump is to be inspected after use and returned to the yard immediately.

Conducting regular maintenance checks on the pumping machine. The responsibility of overseeing the machine's state lies heavily on the operator. Maintenance includes regular checking if all parts are working fine and do not show any signs of damages. This also includes cleaning the machine's exterior and interior parts, making sure that it will not deteriorate due to filth and negligence.

 Works as the company's Project In-Charge. The operator is the head of the pumping operations, which means that they will be the site personnel's primary contact person. Any interaction between project personnel and the operator's company personnel must go through the operator. Also, all the client's paperwork or the operator's company should be signed by the operator.


Certification or License. Being a Concrete Pump Operator requires extensive training and experience. In most countries, if not all, operators are required to obtain a license or a certification to operate a concrete pump. During training, potential operators are taught the basics of running a standard concrete pump and troubleshooting the machine once it calls for a need for it. During training, potential operators are also trained on dealing with possible situations that they may encounter in the future. Most companies, especially the big ones, hire only operators with the proper training and licenses. Some companies even require additional training with the machine supplier to ensure that the operators handling the unit to be used familiar with the model they are using.

 Clean Driving Record. In some cases, there are no designated drivers for the equipment meaning the operator should be the one to transport the machine from the yard to the job site. Companies prefer operators with the proper license and clean driving record to ensure that no safety risks are flagged.

How do you become a good operator?


Be a people person. As the head of the pumping operation, the operator will need to coordinate with multiple personnel of different authority levels on site. It would be ideal for the operator to work well with other personnel since concreting works require teamwork and a high coordination level. Also, the operator's character reflects the company's values that he is working for; that is, he should be as professional as possible.

Problem Solving Skills. Every project is different; that is why each of them is a challenge to pump operators. An operator should be able to come up with solutions in a short amount of time. An operator does not need to be an expert to do the job, especially if it is just new. The key to learning the tricks is learning through experience and applying everything known to the following projects.

Physically fit. There is no rule that a concrete pump operator has to be physically fit. However, since operators are required to do very physical activities on-site, it would be ideal to be physically capable of doing these activities, such as needing to carry heavy machinery components. Also, all job sites are under varying weather conditions. Some days, it could be too hot, and some days it could be too cold. That is why the operator needs to be physically capable of working under all sorts of weather conditions. Operators are also expected to have good vision and hearing since they are necessary to coordinate with the other personnel on the job site.

 Work under pressure. Time is of the essence in all job sites. That is why it could be hard to work in one because every second that passes is worth a good amount of money. Operators work alongside other personnel who are also working under pressure. That is why operators must keep their calm at all times. This way, they can focus on their jobs and avoid making mistakes due to nervousness.

 Have at least minimum mechanical knowledge. Although this is not required, it would be beneficial not only to the company but to the operator himself to have at least minimum mechanical knowledge. In case the machine breaks down or any part of the equipment gets damaged, the operator must know how to provide a quick fix and assess if the engine is still good to use. Through this, the operator can save time by eliminating the need to look for a mechanic. Still, also it lessens the safety risks because the operator himself can tell if the equipment is in good condition or not.

 Be Honest. As mentioned earlier, not all concrete pump operators are considered experts. Since every project is different, some tasks are too complicated or one that they have never encountered before. In cases like this, the operator must be honest and admit that he is trying to figure it out to avoid accidents by risking it just to finish the job. If something happens on the job site, the operator must report it as it is and not keep secret information that would compromise his employment.

Although many tips have been discussed here, the best advice in being an excellent concrete pump operator is to love the job. Being a pump operator is not a fixed gig since it's not every day that an operator's services need on site. It could demotivate an individual as time goes by. By being determined to gain experiences and learn more through every project, all learnings from past experiences will be exhibited through the operator's craft in present jobs, which will eventually attract more clients and a steadier income.

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