How to Install Rapid on The Go! from Installation Package While It Is Not Available in Google Pay Store
Rapid Apps 11-01-2021
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  1. Remove the Rapid On the GO! app from the phone
  2. Open a browser on the android phone and point it to the following address:

  1. It will open a google drive location with the ROTG installation package in it. Click on the download icon.
  1. If asked what app to open the installation package with, select Package Installer (it should be the only option). Then the app will begin to be downloaded.
  1. Next, after the application installation package downloads, Android will ask whether you want to allow Drive to install apps. Depending on the version of Android, the message may be worded differently (Do you want to allow 3rd party packages, for example). You need to allow this.
  1. Next, a window will open with the name of the app (Rapid On The GO!) and an install button. Hit Install and the application will install as normal.

Once it finishes installing it will be available to log in and use as normal.