How to Maintain Concrete Pump
junhua 04-07-2021
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To insure the concrete pump operating normally and the construction is not delayed, it requires that operators should carry out inspection and maintenance regularly before construction and during construction. How to maintain concrete pump is very important and  we will discuss in detail as followed.

  Daily maintenance

1) Check hydraulic oil level. Oil should be light yellow and transparent without emulsification or turbidity. Otherwise, it should be changed.

2) Fill grease fully and fill water tank with clean water fully.

3) Check if piston of concrete is sealed properly and no mortar is infiltrated into water tank.

4) Check if the clearance between cutting ring and anti-wearing plate should be normal (the maximum clearance should be 2mm).

5) Check working condition of lubrication system and confirm if there is lubricating oil overflowed from lubrication points like bearing position at swing arm end of S pipe and bearing position of mixing shaft. Manual lubrication points should be filled with grease each machine shift.

6) Check if functions of all electrical elements are normal.

7) Check if swing of distributing valve and forward & reversal turning of mixing device are normal.

8) Check outside of cooler. If there is dirt, clean it at once. Otherwise, it is easy to cause oil temperature is overheating.

9) Check reading of vacuum meter. It should be within green zone (it prohibits that vacuum degree is over 0.04). As usual, oil suction vacuum degree should be less than 0.02Mpa and reading of oil return pressure vacuum meter should be less than 0.35Mpa.

10) Check abrasion of concrete pipeline by knocking and check if joints of all pipelines are sealed properly.

11) Check if there is oil leakage or oil impregnate for hydraulic system.

How to maintain concrete pump after 50 operation hours (1500~2500m3)

1) Carry out above maintenance.

2) Check connection of all threads to assure that connection is firm.

3) Check coupling bolt on intermediate spliced pole in water tank to assure that connection is firm.

4) Check reading of vacuum meter and filtering condition of filter core.

How to maintain concrete pump after 100 operation hours (3500~5000m3)

1) Carry out above maintenance.

2) Check abrasion of anti-wearing plate and cutting ring. If necessary, replace cutting ring.

3) Check abrasion of concrete piston. If necessary, replace it.

4) Check if hydraulic oil is degenerated or emulsified. Otherwise, change hydraulic oil completely and clean oil tank fully.

5) Check if excessive water is mixed into hydraulic oil. Every other 20 days, funnel shaped bottom screw plug at the bottom of oil tank are screwed off to drain water. After draining about 2~3 L, screw plug should be tightened.

6) Diesel engine oil need be changed once every other 250 operation hours. When ambient temperature is below -10°C or sulfur content in engine oil is 0.5%~1%, engine oil is changed once every other 125 hours.

How to maintain concrete pump after 500 operation hours (15000~25000m3)

1) Carry out above maintenance.

2) Check abrasion of S pipe and bearing position of S pipe.

3) Check abrasion of mixing device, mixing blades and mixing bearing.

4) Check hydraulic oil. If necessary, change new hydraulic oil that must use the brand recommended by our company. As usual, after pumping 10000m3 concrete, it should change hydraulic oil once completely.

5) Check if air pressure of the accumulator is sufficient. The pressure of accumulator is 10~11Mpa.

How to maintain concrete pump after 750 operation hours

1) Carry out above maintenance.

2) Check abrasion of concrete cylinder. If chromium coating is worn excessively, it should be replaced.

3) Pump is adjusted completely and all performance parameters should conform to requirements.

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