How to tell how worn the concrete cylinders are worn
greyslayer 01-31-2016
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K so doing some seasonal work on the 38 alliance we bought this unit used. And was unsure what it's been through. So going through it after two summers of use pulled the swing lever and splines hit the floor.... ok swing tube is finished. So looking at the cylinders with the s tube out of the way there is a buildup of concrete on the top of the reduction rings were the cylinder meets the reduction rings. This unit always gets a good washing after every job. Could this be a sign on how worn those cylinders are?

pumpnfinish 01-31-2016
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Do they look this bad?

Dipstick 02-01-2016
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I'm always thinking if you keep the water in the flusshingbox and it doesn't run pas the pistons (when parked with pistons both standing about halfway the cylinder) You are good. But I'm not a mecanic though ;-) Feel free to correct me!

pumpnfinish 02-01-2016
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Yes dip you are right if you are talking about the rams. If you put in a new set and then it still leaks past then the cylinders are definitely bad. If you look in them and the chrome finish is gone or they have grooves like my pictures then its time to replace. It's a fairly large job to do and a forklift is almost a must. Many people have told me that they just cut the bolts with a torch and replace them, I have done 4 sets now and never had to cut one. I use a snap on 3 foot 1/2 inch breaker bar and impact socket and it gets them loose every time. I also can't get my head around how we could " align" the cylinders with the disk on the end of the rod. If you bolt both ends tight as they go then they have to be square with the hopper and water box, right? I can't see them not being right if the machined surfaces are mated flat. Maybe I'm missing something here and someone can explain it to me.

greyslayer 02-02-2016
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Ok well good to hear. Got it all back together. New swing tube cutting ring, bearings, cups, all ready to roll for spring. Pretty good for a novice. Pump mechanic. Only three phone calls to the boys over at alliance in alder grove bc 

Pumperr 02-05-2016
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Where are you guys located?  We go to Gastaldo out in Annacis Island.  Awesome group of guys.