Hydralic hose bursting
DickTracy 12-05-2005
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Any one ever lost a hydralic hose on a newer 2023-4 system. I am specifically asking about the high pressure line running down from the brain approx 1100 length. Would appreciate help on this matter.

Bob 12-06-2005
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Chris, Check out the working pressure of the hose verses the relief pressure setting on the system. Perhaps someone put the wrong hose in that spot. As far as anyone ever having that happen, hell yea.Hyd hoses are made by man and are subject to mistakes. I am sure that the mess/results cost more than the hose. Join the club. ps - no room for litigation there ;)

Derputzmeister 12-08-2005
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I had a lot of hydraulic hose problems this year. I got with Delta Rubber in Sparks NV and they hooked me up with a Eaton ET1000 crimper (free) along with several fittings and hoses. They gave me a thorough how to and identification of fittings/hose class. I am shocked as to how many hoses on my old putz was hodge podged put together and not to spec. Problem has since been remedied thanks to Delta Rubber. Note: I am not getting any kick back from them either....I am just so glad to be able to fix hoses on my own now. The crimper is also portable so if I am far from the shop I can take it along. I am passing this along in case their is a small pumper company out there that needs hose work. Check around there are rubber companies that will provide the stuff you need, just pay for what you use.