Bob 12-22-2005
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The company I work for is a client of the ACPA insurance program. Pumpers should look at this program; these folks know what you do for a living and are there to help.The old pro loss control guy, Paul, was today making the rounds with a new hire. Both were ready and willing to make the rounds of the jobs in progress. We talked about set up - set back from excavations - PPE - hose whipping and a bunch of other issues that your everyday insurance person knows very little, if anything at all about. One thing I have learned about the insurance industry is; If they are not aware of the risk - - - - you are not covered for it/ from it.I would suggest you call the PUMPPRO boys and talk to them about coverage for you - for your industry. Time well spent. ;)This message was edited by Todd on 1-24-06 @ 5:47 AM