Interest in concrete pumps as machinery fizzled in recent years
PUMBO 02-08-2018
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Has anyone realised that the enthusiasm for concrete pumps has definitely fizzled out worldwide in the last 10 years. I put it down to some key factors:

- Latest concrete pumps from almost all the manufactures perform the same as any other brand (there is no night and day difference as in the past),

-  The used market is still performing reasonably well for value,

- Concrete pumping is not seen as profitable due to increases in running costs, inflation hurting the bottom line and a saturated market of used and new machines,

- Bigger booms are not a 'wow' factor anymore,

- Too many new product lines coming through the pipeline (pardon the pun) from almost all manufacturers,

- The machines are state of the art however the increased competition between everyone has become more of a factor rather than what machinery you use.

- As a smoky, maybe this current generation of concrete pumpers more concerned about earning capacity rather than work ethic, pride or drive?

What do you guys think? Would love to hear some feedback!

bisley57 02-09-2018
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I still stand back and watch       still interests me       The part not many people talk about are the zero emission engines that most are running      Nice not having to breathe in all that exhaust

orygun 02-09-2018
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seems to be feast or famine. half the customers treat you like you owe them something. people not self employed have a opinion that i should sell my spare pump in order to live it up. these people do not realize the asset has not depreciated very much and is worth on paper to a bank what ever you tell them its worth, so there is a benefit.

T-Riffic 02-11-2018
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So if I am understanding you correctly you are saying that new pump sales are down from 10years ago and you are surprised by that? Are you factoring the recession into your data supporting your statement? Around here 2008 to 2012 were pretty hard. I would hope a lot of people learned a lot from the recession and we can hopefully avoid it happening again anytime soon. Maybe a must of the bigger companies still remember the recession and are a little concerned about dropping millions of dollars on replacing their fleets at this point maybe give it another year or  two with the economy doing better and things could change dramatically with new pump sales.