International techno corp
Boutthatcrete69 08-15-2016 comment profile send pm notify

Hey everybody. I am somewhat new to the industry and came across a 17m squeeze pump manufactured by this mystery company International techno. I am having a tough time finding parts such as tubing gaskets etc. Anybody have any insight they can share?

Leaddog 08-31-2016 reply profile send pm notify

Wow, I remember that pump from over twenty years ago.  If I remember correctly, it had a 4" boom and used the Trelleborg 4" squeezecrete tubes.  Barry Hanlon was the person marketing and selling back in the day.  I believe it was a Japanese manufacturer.  I wish I had more for you but hopefully that helps.

Kerrycon 09-05-2016 reply profile send pm notify

Hi , I have one of these pumps , we are located outside of philly . There's a guy in ocean city who has some parts I can send you his number in a text if you would like 

Nic Pursell 07-24-2017 reply profile send pm notify

Hey I have two of these pumps. If anyone knows where to get the pump tubes I would definitely be interested. I have tried to get them made in the USA but nothing worked. Both trucks are for sell but I would like to get an extra tube to use in the mean time.