Its time to move on
pudg2 09-30-2009
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you know I visit these sites quite often and seems we're always talking about negative,we need more positive threads do I like the stuff happening ? no,but I was brought up when the going got ruff you just put your nose down and grinded even harder , I do believe its time for us as a industry to do the same, so for me I will try and stay off the negative issues and worry more about what I can do to better my men and our company, if I do not like whats going on and just bitch about it I am just a part of the problem.Pump On!!!! BITCHING OFF!!!

BIG PAPA PUMP 09-30-2009
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I could't have said it better myself.  Hey were all still alive arn't we???  Thats one good thing we got going for us and i'll bet if each and everyone of you on this site look aroud you, tou'll be able to find much more aswell.  PUMP ON!!

Big Tobacco 09-30-2009
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I agree... today on my job I heard that the foreman's 14 year old dauhgter is fighting Lukemia... WOW! What a shot that must of been... We all need to look around and realize that yes things are tough, but they could be a lot worse.

Today was the best day of my life!!!  Nuff said?

Big T

Secret Squirrell 10-01-2009
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Well said Pudg and Big T I am with you! More positive discussions.

grass hopper 10-02-2009
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you just wanted something to bitch about!!!!

pudg2 10-02-2009
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grasshopper I'm gonna stay positive and not say go f@#k yourself but I will say why dont you go hang some more trussels and make you a check.