gillrod 1 04-17-2018
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is anybody running a new putz on a conventional Kenworth. if so are you having any problems

ShortStik 04-24-2018
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did not like the one i saw with a putz though im sure there are better options.

seen lots with other pumps on their back and really enjoyed every one.  in the t880 you can have a 385hp to a 700hp motor.  the 40m rf, tri drive, 18 speed eaton, packard 505hp is a dream.  cumming viarity is nice.  disc brakes if that your thing.  i would go with the new way air ride even though i am not a big air ride fan.  roomy cabs,  easy shifting.  smooth ride.  arm rests and seat heat.  windows that dont fog.................

have to keep in mind the the KW is not an MR.  KW is a good product though in my opinion will not take the same abuse as an MR

Running Dawg 01-08-2019
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We have 3 Booms on KWs Two T800 and one T880 the only time they are in the shop is when its time for serevice

I was a little concerned with the longer nose and it was not a Mack because ,, All pumps come on Macks right ?    Not anymore once  I drove it . I was sold We have two older MR Macks they will be replaced with KWs