Lets combine our buying power
Industry 03-31-2005
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What if 5 or 6 or 20 pumping companies teamed up to increase our buying power, do you think it would work? Should we give it a try???SB

Bob 04-01-2005
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Farmers have for the most part a very good experience with the CO-OP. If everyone put their ego away and all of the small pumpers in a market area started a pumpers co-op with central billing central dispatch unified purchase of tires, fuel etc, you would all make more money and not do the price war battle everyone is so fond of.If it was just business and not an emotional issue you could, as a small pumper have the stroke of your large competition.

Bob 04-05-2005
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ownership ;p

BrutalOne 04-13-2005
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LOL hell we cant even come together here and go union.I could see a co,op Good luck with that Besides i prefer being a operator to management when i shut my pump down at the end of the day i do not have to take my work home with me.This message was edited by BrutalOne on 4-14-05 @ 9:48 PM