Lightweight concrete blocks
Sanani 10-24-2007
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hello.... well i want to open a lightweight concrete block plant and i have been looking all over the internet for companies that can provide me with the plants (from A-Z) so if anyone knows of any companies that do that please post their website or contact info and i need all the advise i can get :)

Many 10-24-2007
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Herbie 10-25-2007
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I spent about 4 or 5 years in block plants, been to about 10 differant plants for training or working, seen plenty of differant styles. What state are you planing to do this in? Best looking running efficiant plants had Besser from one end to the other. The more money you want to invest is the easier you can make the job But you can be talked into expensive investments that arent really worth the money. Theres alot to say about the block industry. I could go on for hours on the been there done that stuff. Good luck.

hfblock 08-10-2017
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"The more money you want to invest is the easier you can make the job." Super correct words! All of people want cheapest machines to start trial business, then complain its inconvenience on capacity, ability etc. If you really want to do a block manufacturing business well, then do detailed survey on block making machine, land, raw material and local market before you start to invest and make full planning. Thanks.