Line pump going up?
Erik 03-01-2018
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So today I turned down a job because they wanted me to pump 5 stories high. It was for a patio on a condo.i never had done a job like this myself ,but was wondering if anyone else has? How did it go for you and what technique did you use? The only thing to go up here we're scaffolds.

T-Riffic 03-01-2018
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I have line pumped up about 40 feet before 2" line for grout have to tie off hose to scaffolding about every 10 ft I also ran 2" line up a fire escape on a apartment building that was being renovated to the 3rd floor to put a skim coat in the bathroom floor (about 1 1/2" thick 5000 lb mud) it sounds like your guy just did not want to pay for a boom truck. They could reach something like that really easy I would think.

Erik 03-02-2018
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Did you prime at ground level? 

T-Riffic 03-02-2018
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Yes about 3 to 4 gal at the pump 

alexar 03-04-2018
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What mix did they want to use?

T-Riffic 03-04-2018
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Just go with your gut if you are not fairly confident don't change your mind and do it maybe wait until you get a job where you're going up 20 or 30 feet get that under your belt and maybe be willing to go higher if that one goes okay. As we all know things can get out of hand on flat ground and it would be better for you and your reputation to not attempt something WAY out of your comfort zone. 

Erik 03-05-2018
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The mix was pea gravel 2500 psi 

Logger 03-05-2018
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We run all REED pumps and it has  never been a problem to pump up vertically.  We have done Shotcrete 100' straight up on Silo work with no trouble.  It is very doable and we often use ours in similar applications. 

REEDPumps 03-05-2018
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Thanks for posting that Logger! You guys are running C70S model pumps, correct? (powered by a 160hp Cummins 6 cylinder diesel - 7" material cylinders)

We've actually got quite a few little REED Pumps doing vertical pumping in New York City, mostly B50/B70/C70SS/C90S model pumps.

Customers in places like Russia, Nigeria, and Peru even use our little A40HP model pumps to do vertical pumping for smaller projects like apartments and shopping centers. I wish i had more photos!!!

- Mike @ REED Pumps