Long distance concrete pumping
Sdic 11-09-2017 comment profile send pm notify

We have a job on which we shall pump concrete to a, almost horizontal distance of about 1850 ft. with an up slope of 1%. We plan to use a 5" ID pipe and a Putzmeister TK70 or REED A30 HP pump. Concrete will have an slump between 6" and 8", max gravel size  1/2".

Need to receive advice on this task. Thanks


REEDPumps 11-09-2017 reply profile send pm notify

are you in Colombia right now? if so, try our Colombian Dealer Fiorazio Colombia at +57 1 7460035 - they MIGHT have a pump you can rent with a larger motor than that TK or the A30HP - something like a 220 horsepower 2000 psi concrete pressure REED C50SS would be ideal...(a REED B20HP (2100 psi) would also push that far...

((I really don't even know if you put those 2 pumps in a line/daisy chain -(one pump pumping into the hopper of the other, then the 2nd pump taking over)) if you'd be able to get 1850 feet horizontal.

Is this a tunnel job? if so, we actually have an electric motor driven C50SS that would easily push that distance...

- Mike @ REED Pumps