Long distance concrete pumping
Sdic 11-09-2017
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We have a job on which we shall pump concrete to a, almost horizontal distance of about 1850 ft. with an up slope of 1%. We plan to use a 5" ID pipe and a Putzmeister TK70 or REED A30 HP pump. Concrete will have an slump between 6" and 8", max gravel size  1/2".

Need to receive advice on this task. Thanks


REEDPumps 11-09-2017
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are you in Colombia right now? if so, try our Colombian Dealer Fiorazio Colombia at +57 1 7460035 - they MIGHT have a pump you can rent with a larger motor than that TK or the A30HP - something like a 220 horsepower 2000 psi concrete pressure REED C50SS would be ideal...(a REED B20HP (2100 psi) would also push that far...

((I really don't even know if you put those 2 pumps in a line/daisy chain -(one pump pumping into the hopper of the other, then the 2nd pump taking over)) if you'd be able to get 1850 feet horizontal.

Is this a tunnel job? if so, we actually have an electric motor driven C50SS that would easily push that distance...

- Mike @ REED Pumps

pudg2 12-04-2017
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man I have a TK70 and I have pushed through 750 ft of 4" but I think you are a asking a little much of a 70HP machine , believe I'd come off the back of a boom pump or a large trailer pump.

SUPERDOFFER 12-17-2017
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The distance you can pump whit almost any pump that is available.

the most important question is how much concrete must be delivered at the end of the line in an hour.

look at the delivery graphics of different pumps and you understand.      

Sdic 12-18-2017
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We will be very happy with a flow near 10yd3/hr. However we are concern more with the needed pressure  to push the concrete thru this distance.  Also on how to pus out all the concrete once all volumen has been puy into the pipe line

SUPERDOFFER 12-28-2017
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Before you start thinking about long distance pumping. You have to think who is gonna pay if you fail.

And I quote Bob.  

How far can you pump?

Only as far as you need to. Records and heroics are cute, but they do not pay the bills. Think of the hours of service life you are taking off of your equipment. Don't be the guy that pumps for distance. Pump for  PROFIT - there is more future in it. ;~)

To be a player in this high stakes pumping you need to be able to do more than just pump a long distance. You need the ability to have a bad day. That might sound stupid, but if you think about what a bad day costs it makes more sense. You need to be able, after that bad day, to recover. Just because you loose 100 yards of 9,000 psi concrete - 1,500 feet of pipe doesn't mean that the rest of the job is canceled; hell no! You need to set up ANOTHER 1,500 feet of pipe the next day, pay for the concrete, eat the cost of fixing yesterday's problem, wheel your equally capable back up pump out and hook her up, swallow the back charge from the contractor for his lost time and trouble, SMILE... and pour it out.

Unless you are REALLY ready, that is not a game you want to play. ;~)

How far can you pump???

As far as you can afford to.

We have done some serous long distance pumping. But before we started, we got our free out of yail ticket. lol