Looking for a part
CBCMASON 04-23-2022
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We use 2 inch hose to pour grout. We have two different styles of couplings. This part allows us to connect them. I'm hoping someone can point me to somewhere to buy one. Or a technical name for it so I can actually find it online. Thank you

79xlch 05-04-2022
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One end is a HD and the other is a vitalic.  Might have to just make it yourself.

Jim S 06-07-2022
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Call Alliance Concrete Pumps.  They can help.

Concretepumppartsstore 01-11-2023
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Any of your parts request you can call or email concretepumppartsstore@gmail.com. They will help you.

their website www.concretepumppartsstore.com