looking for reviews on pumps
Roy 06-29-2017
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Hi I am new to this and I was just wondering what makes are the best concrete boom pumps between Reed, Concord, Alliance, Putzmeister, Schwing,? I heard the newer pumps are not as good as the older ones?

mcratchet 06-29-2017
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all depends on where and what you are pumping, and how well you maintain your pumps!

my opinion would be 2000-2007 putzmeister we have 5 of them and they fulfill all our pumping needs well built, tough and reliable but thats just my two cents. we had schwing pumps we were not to happy with but they still did the job

pudg2 06-29-2017
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I've ran just about all of them

1) Schwing they last a lifetime , may not pump the harsher mixes as well as the putz s-tube , but if you are looking for a pump that will last you a lifetime a 1995-2006 schwing 32,34,39,45 meter is the way to go

1.2) is the putz , smooth operation , electronics will be a learning curve to trouble shoot but their service department will get you out of most jams . will pump harsher mixes , and if taken care of will last a lonnnng time also. 28 meter - 61 meter 1997-2007 models

2) Concord same s-tube simple electronics , the 40 meter is the pride of that manufacturer in my opinion great all around pump.

All the rest I have nothing good to say about

Savage Concrete Pumping 01-18-2020
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I am based in Ontario Canada and own a line pumping business, I have been in the industry for a little longer then a decade pumping, placing and finishing.  Personally, out of the experience I've had, Concord and KCP would be my preference. Putzmeister is a really nice machine, but have their issues with the electrical components and computers (with my experience) Granted, my opinion isn't based upon operating, but being the customer of several boom pumping companies that all have different makes and models, I find those two to be my most preferred.  KCP has a base out of BC Canada, and recently a company in my area purchased a KCP 38ZX 170 and its performance has been nothing short of remarkable, this particular model comes with an optional air function that squeezes the whip hose so gravity doesn't 'do its thing' (lol) and minimizes waste significantly. Which wall formers really appreciate. But, as someone else mentioned in prior comments, overall performance does come down to maintenance.

TooTall 01-28-2020
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#1 Schwing, pre 2012

Putzmeister pre 2010

Concord, 2005 and newer 

Alliance (Jun Jin) 

Reed, the Waitzinger models were the best Reed booms. 

b-alto 01-29-2020
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What about a 2007 42sx meter Schwing?