mack 2007 400 engine with 20k hours
Ti-so 01-07-2018
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i need your advice on my 2007 mack 400 engine.Here, it s our slow time so i want to know with 20k hours on the meter should i in frame it or only the main bearing or wait another years and it will be at 22 500 hours or so.but i don t need an other engine replacement !!!!Exploded one last summer lost the truck for 2 weeks and luckily it cost 32k.....piston pine came out

how much should cost an inframe or whatever you think i should do!?


greenguy 01-08-2018
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  1. Stick with a bearing roll and oil pump.   Doing an in frame won’t get you anywhere typically unless you’re burning oil and have lots of blowby.   Maybe do an oil analysis first to see if it shows heavy or abnormal wear.  

Ti-so 01-10-2018
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thank you green guy