Mack cab replacement
Ti-so 09-03-2016
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I ve been thinking of replacing my mack mr cab .It is 2006 but has been abused by the original owner.The truck has 18k hours and still in great shape but the cab doors and window are loose and noisy.It has been hitten on the right side and before i bought it .Cpr did repaired it.Do you know where can i find a cab.?Or maybe i should wait a little more years and retruck it+refurbish the pump.$$$$$???


Z-Boom_Parks 09-05-2016
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I would wait a few more years and either retruck it or get rid of it completely.

Ti-so 09-06-2016
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 the 41sx is the  biggest boom with those rear outrigger. To me these 41sx are the best for residentiel and i only need an extra pusher axle on a 10 wheels mack .Compare to the other brands they all need twin steers .!!!

So i may refurbishe /retruck it in a couple years

I am actually trying to buy a second 41sx to replace my 36m.

pumpinpete 09-07-2016
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18,000 hours on a Mack...I would limit the money your putting into it. Run it till it blows. You can make it look pretty with a new cab, but then you still have a used truck. Its only time and that truck will eat your checkbook. If pump is good, retruck it! I have an Autocar under my pump, and I will NEVER drive or own a Mack again! Just my two cents coming from an owner/operator

Ti-so 09-08-2016
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i send you a p.m.

pumpinpete 09-12-2016
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Hey Ti-so, hope all is well. If retrucking/refurbishing or buying...Irving Equipment LLC is a site sponsor and is who I would refer you to for retrucking or buying an Autocar. My Autocar has a 450hp Cummins 12L with an Allision 4500 Automatic transmission. I can't even explain to you how much better this truck is over the Mack. Words cannot express the difference! You will not be disappointed! Good luck with whatever way you go!