mack led head lights
Ti-so 06-21-2018
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i ve seen it on here but i don t find it anymore....what led headlight do you use to replace h6024 seal beam? i know grote has it but they are very expensive....maybe sylviana has some too??

mudpumper 06-30-2018
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I know a few people that have switched out the normal lamp for the split beam Grote or Trucklite brand lamps. Way better illumination on the road at night and they haven't had to service the bulbs since purchase. I'd like a set for my pump but they're expensive.

ShortStik 06-30-2018
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the new MR come with LED head lights.  they are just under 1k CND to replace.  they are ass hole bright though

bisley57 06-30-2018
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But you must consider those bright ass lights for oncoming traffic or following someone.Almost to the point of being rude..........