Material Cylinder/Barrels
Lionel 06-15-2018
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Very simple question guys, 

What are the common symptoms associated with worn material cylinders?

Also, Ive got an 01 Schwing 34 meter with its material cylinders never replaced. At this point, would it make any sense to flip them? Or should I go with brand new ones...

ShortStik 06-16-2018
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new cups leak water  into hopper.  dirty water after a truck or two.  odd wear of cups.  take a pic inside the barrel with the flash on. might see something

pudg2 06-19-2018
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you can use a cell phone to take pic or video , we also use mirrors and a flashlight , signs are what the previous post said , cups only last a week or two before leaking again , dirty water in box , screeching noises from sand and small aggregate getting past the lips of cups , as far as flipping goes , I do not think once they're worn out that it is really worth it to flip .