Mayco c-30
concreteanimal 09-17-2014
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Went and tryed to crank my mayco (with Nilsson motor) a while back,and wouldn't do anything but sputter a little.drain ed the fuel flushed the lfuel line and tried again,got it to start but only barely idle for a short time then die doesn't act like it is even trying to accelerate. Machine set for couple years at least. I'm thinking electrical, ?

b-alto 09-18-2014
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Diesel or gas? There's no electrical in a diesel. Sounds like a dirty carb.

orygun 09-18-2014
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replace the fuel filter some times i have hade to do it in fifty hours

biged 09-20-2014
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I got a better idea sell it and buy you and OLIN

concreteanimal 09-21-2014
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gas with nisson motor, fuel filter ok.

RJB 09-21-2014
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Sent you a PM.  Call me.  I will get you help.

b-alto 09-21-2014
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In my opinion not electrical but fuel. If it were two cycle i'd say clogged orifices'es (high speed). But you are four stroke so Stuck float,or crap in the jets. Try some carb cleaner maybe dump it into the fuel line turn it over to fill the carb and let it soak. If nessesary pull the carb and clean.

concreteanimal 09-29-2014
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pumpnfinish 09-29-2014
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Ignition tune up.

concreteanimal 10-15-2014
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Found problem.  Machine set long enough the butterfly valve stuck in the bottom of throttle body.removed throttle body and could see it from bottom. Got it moving pushing on it with screw driver, fired right up but throttle response is real slow. Guess it will free up if used, multiquip replacement throttle body price is unbelievable.  Internet prices from 2400 to 3300. Wow.  

pumpnfinish 10-15-2014
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Glad to hear that you got it going. 

concreteanimal 10-26-2014
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slow throttle responce turns out to be MAP sensor  $100+ from mayco  checked numbers on sensor and looked up  $15 new on ebay.....  Same deal with ignition switch..

pumpnfinish 10-26-2014
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Dealer and manufacturers  parts are always insanely overpriced. I always try to make them a last resort. The Internet is the best resource ever.

RJB 10-31-2014
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It may seem obvious, but all manufacturers price their parts to turn a profit.  Facts to consider:

1.  There is a tremendous amount of overhead involved in keeping 'just-in-case' parts on the shelf as well as the entire logistical supply train. 

2.  Most manufacturers have a system designed around resale distribution with agreed upon discount levels.  Replacement part retail prices are usually set to reflect a profit AFTER the resale discount is taken.

3.  While most OEM's purchase engines at volume pricing, the same cannot be said for the replacement engine parts.  Most engine manufacturers want you to use THEIR distribution network for engine parts and service.  In order to encourage this, they pass very small discounts on to the OEM's, if they discount at all.  Some have to be 'cajoled' in order to sell the replacement parts directly to the OEM.

4.  Engine replacement parts are carried by most OEM's as a CONVENIENCE, IF AT ALL.  This is usually the lowest margin category of the parts department.  It would not be unusual to find an OEM's particular engine part reflecting a purchase price at/or near List, then a markup to reflect a small profit AFTER resale discount.

You will always be able to find low overhead suppliers for most of these buyout components on the internet.  It comes down to how much time you are willing to invest in the research.