moving to houston
the Turnernator 05-23-2009 comment profile send pm notify

going to move to houston soon.i will be going ahead of the family to start working and find a place to live. i've done alot of online research and found lots of good things about texas i was just wondering if anyone can clue me in on the drawbacks?from what i understand its going to be completely different from living in florida.(weather excepted, similar climate)just curious what to expect with this kind of a move. theres always a downside to things and it would be nice to be ready for them instead of being blindsided.

Many 05-23-2009 reply profile send pm notify

Yeah,get one of these

Revere Coastal Compact 2 Person Life Raft picture

In certain parts on town when a heavy rain comes you might need one.I lived in missouri city for awhile and have seen the effects.

scottie 05-23-2009 reply profile send pm notify

hi terminator well having tried the move from florida to dallas the people were real nice and freindly but the cost of living there was a little bit more expencive cigs were a lot more expencive drink was cheap gas was cheap but housing was wayyy over the top wish you luck

scottie 05-23-2009 reply profile send pm notify

forgot to ask are you going there to work in concrete pumping in houston need more info e mail cjfraser312003 my stepson worked in houston been there a few times

the Turnernator 05-23-2009 reply profile send pm notify

yeah flood waters dont scare me being a florida boy born and bred hurricanes are just after noon thunderboomers that dont know when to quit! yeah i miss the sound of mud slidin thru boom pipe @ 2am so i'm going to pump concrete out there it's funny i've been to alot of different countries but not to many states. gotta go where i can work.

johnjohnjohn 05-24-2009 reply profile send pm notify

who you working for? i'm in houston

jono78 05-24-2009 reply profile send pm notify

good luck finding a pumping job in houston ive been layed off since march

the Turnernator 05-24-2009 reply profile send pm notify

i've already got something lined up i'd prefer to keep it classified until i'm there and rockin' as much as i hate to say this in 12 years time in this industry it can become a hostile cut-throat environment especially when guys are starving.