Need help - air compressor
MADE 2 PUMP 10-22-2019
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Hi can any one help me 

I need to find out how much psi is need to blow out the lines 

I have a 125psi 4 gallon gas air compressor will this do the job 

Muddyfeet 10-22-2019
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    Might check out our YouTube channel. We have a couple of videos of us using air to blow out our system. We use a pontoon style air compressor  5.5 Honda engine 125psi   you would be surprised  that it doesn’t take a lot of pressure to move the mud. Their are some variables such as up hill ,down hill , the amount of hose , size of hose and the slump of the mud  We use 3” hose so it’s not that difficult to push the mud out of it. Use a great deal of cation when blowing out  it can be very dangerous. I would rather suck the sponge back than blow out  but sometimes blowing out  is your only or best option  I’m guessing the pontoon compressor we use is a 4 gallon. I would bet yours would work for what I do but I don’t know what size of hose or types of jobs you are working on  Hope  this helps.

MADE 2 PUMP 10-23-2019
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Hey I have see all of your video your channel is amazing 

Muddyfeet 10-23-2019
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Thank you very much  We really appreciate the positive support that we get .