New Company: Marketing Line Pumping Services
davako 05-10-2005
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My family recently started a Concrete Pumping company in the Midwest. We are running an Allentown Elite 40 Powercreter Line Pump. It is my responsibility to bring in new business for the pump.We are not outfitted for shotcreting as of yet.What segments of the market should I focus on? Are there any areas or niches that have been particularly good producers for your line pumps?Thank you in advance for your response. DVK

rspumping 05-10-2005
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Pumpitude 05-10-2005
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Recipe for line pumping sucess; Form an alliance with a reputable competitor.NEVER cut-throat or compromise your prices, let your service sell itself.Show up early with a can do attitude.Whenever you can, bring dough-nuts to share in the morning and/or cold sodas in the afternoon...its a small investment with a huge return, Keep your cool when the pumping gets rough (stress is contagious) and .......ALWAYS leave each pumpsite a little cleaner than you found it! :)live to pumppump to liveThis message was edited by Pumpitude on 5-10-05 @ 11:04 PM

DAVEtinkle 05-14-2005
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he is right its that simple do it everyday and you will be successfull