Concord Concrete Pumps 09-01-2014
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I am so pleased and thrilled to present to you PIONEER CONCRETE PUMPING's all New CCP-65SZ5-225 CONCORD Concrete Pump.

ShortStik 09-01-2014
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done some changes in the tower.  nice the stacks are up there

awsome pioneer doesn't have to put it on super-single axles

Dipstick 09-01-2014
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Nice. Bit dissapointing colors but nice machine Smile

foundationperson 09-02-2014
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Dipstick. Those colors are the Putz or were the Putz stock colors over here.

Dipstick 09-03-2014
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Yea.. Just not my taste with this light blue. Than you have the opertunity to choose of so many cool colors settings and they come up with this pussy color.. Wink But taste is a thing we can argue about untill eternity

foundationperson 09-03-2014
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Pioneer has had the colors a long long time. Successfully. Why change.? They had a lot to do with getting Putz off the ground in this market after many years behind Schwiing.

Dipstick. I agree with you. There are some great colors and decals on pumps. I agree. But with Pioneer its an identity. Everyone knows them.