New features in Rapid ERP 2.2111.15.1
Rapid Apps 11-16-2021
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We have introduced a number of new features in version 2.2111.15.1. For a detailed description of each and every function, including examples, please open this article in our knowledge base:

Here is a list of the newly added functionalities:

- New GO! Message Interface: Ability to send GO! message from Operator tiles in dispatch; Ability to send a single GO! message to multiple operators simultaneously

- Dispatch > Timeline View: Ability to customize the timeline view with desired fields

- New Flag that alerts of overlapping job ticket times per employee in Human Resources > Crew Central / Payroll

- New Feature to see address suggestions while adding new /changing existing address for job sites and auto-populate location, city, state and zip code based on the chosen address suggestion

- New Feature to create checklist actions that allow multiple answers

- Human Resources > Crew Central and Payroll: New flag column added that displays jobs with overlapping ticket times for the same operator

- New Feature to export customer contacts

- New Feature to track changes to employee records

- New Feature to export to Excel all company business object lists

- New Report: Sales > Customer > Detailed: By Jobsite

- New Report: Accounting > Payment > Detailed: By Invoice

- Track and display operator responses for OSHA alert reports

- Bug fixes, usability enhancements and security improvements to editing records in Employees, Clocking Activity, Users, Jobs, Job Sites, Job Tickets, Invoicing, Emailing, Messaging, Sales Revenue, Report Central, Combined Metrics