New guy! Hi and help!
MIKEUNA63 06-10-2019
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I have been lurking around here for a while now just trying to gather as much information as possible. I’m going out on my own.. 

I have some capital saved up and wanted to hear opinions on the direction I want to head..

I will mainly be pouring lintels most of them being single family single story homes or maybe a 4-8 unit town home structure.. I just pump, no rebar etc..

Now I know I can pump these all day with a ball valve pump such as a P88. My concern is that a smaller ball valve pump like the P88 or C30 are good for just this. I can get a refurbished P88 with a remote for abut 13k. My game plan is to purchase this pump and employ two friends of mine to pump. Eventually I’d like to move up to something like a Mayco LS50 or similar. I really don’t see the need to purchase such a big pull off the bat when I know my workload is going to be lintels. Would I be stepping on my own toes by cornering myself like this? Has anyone else been in a similar situation?

also, if anyone knows of any good sites out there, I’m still shopping. I’ve ready United Equipment Sales is not a good idea, is that still the case? I’ve also been searching around auction sites. 

I have an F350 I’m installing a flat bed on. Already own  a compressor, coil gun, generator, trowels etc. I also plan on mounting a water tank as some job sites have shit washouts. 


MIKEUNA63 06-11-2019
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