new to everything - can you help get me started?
bryan2 12-25-2016
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I'm remodeling an old house with basement walls in very poor shape.  trees and porches make external excavation very difficult - the best idea I've heard to stabilize them is shotcrete.  I live in a very small town and the only person who is experienced with this work had an accident and is no longer available.

I happened to see two concrete pumps offered at auction for one price and got them for very little, so need to go thru them to get them ready for work.

My most urgent need is to find the specs, repair/operating manuals and parts for the equipment - have emailed the manufacturers but so far no response.  If anyone can point me in the right direction for related info, or uses this equipment and wouldn't mind some basic questions as I progress I would really appreciate is the ID info found on the equipment:

Turbosol DMF T20            SN 27275


Allentown GRH 610

RJB 12-26-2016
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I sent you a PM with the appropriate contact info for the manufacturers involved.

I would not describe either machine as a true 'concrete pump'.  The Turbosol T20 is a progressive cavity (rotor/stator) pump more appropriate for plaster/stucco then concrete, or even shotcrete.  The Allentown rig is a gunite rig for spraying dry-mix shotcrete.  My first guess is that the pair was owned either by a swimming pool builder or a refractory contractor.

bryan2 01-25-2017
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thanks for the help and info...very useful.  I've made the suggested contacts and received a parts list for the Turbosol and have just gotten it running so made some progress - still reconditioning some of the parts.  

The Putzmeister contacts you provided for the grh610 have been very helpful and should have that one fully operational soon.  Now I'm trying to find a training source for operating these specific machines.  

Putzmeister doesn't offer any training for the grh610, and haven't discovered any training resources for the Turbosol so wonder if anyone in my part of the country (SE Iowa) who is familiar with either might help get me started with the basics.  

I don't plan to start a business, just want to use one or the other machine for my basement problem (doesn't need to be pretty, just functional) and maybe some other projects if I gain the confidence - any suggestions or referrals would be appreciated.