Newbie Small Line Pumper !
ericICF 04-19-2005
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Hi: I have just started pumping with a Morgen 25 trailer pump. Mainly I am interested in pumping 13.5mm aggregate mixes thru 2 in dia. hose.I have had a couple of incidents on prime, and would appreciate hearing from experienced hands,any tips or advice you may have.Also, what line diameter should I try on 20mm aggregate mixes. 2 1/2 or 3 in ?Thanx for your help guys!

playsinmud 04-21-2005
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if it is 3/4 round river rock and good 5 1/2 6 sack you probably can pump through the 2 1/2 crushed fracture or much over size and you will probably have trouble. with the 3/4 rock you will probably want to use cement or slick packs for priming as well, they don t seem to have the cement to give for water only prime. my self i made a funnel from an old traffic cone and put my slick pack in the first hose (the plastic bag makes a great stop for down hill primes). but i use 3 inch as i have more 7/8-1 inch.

rspumping 04-21-2005
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are you running a stand pipe if so pour 5 gal bucket of prime in there works everytime high yield bentonite works best for primer and its cheaper than prime packs you have to watch the batch waits on 1 mixes under 1000 pounds per yd 2 1/2 line will work over that go to 3 as for filling your hopper with prime it contaminates the first yard of concrete w water usually makes it to wet for the contractor good luck