Newly patented continuous flow concrete pump.
Todd 02-01-2015
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Dipstick 02-01-2015
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Interesting. But wonder how it would work with real concrete. I have my doubts if this works when things get real serious.

Most finnishers I know actualy want the hose to strike like it does now. It helps the hose move backwards. Specialy with 4'' system that quite an advantage..

But I'm impressed about the work that is put in to this.

PUMBO 02-01-2015
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IIRC a few years ago a similar idea was conceived by Reich, where the pump system had 3 delivery cylinders. It wasn't concrete specific it was more for sludge pumps where breaks in material flow had to be eliminated due to pressure spikes causing problems.

This idea may not be feasible with concrete as there may be too many variables associated with mix designs + feed issues caused by really low slumps and/or cylinder feed. If you where pumping a fluid it may work. Still kudos to the engineers for attempting to think outside the box.

gboom 02-03-2015
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Not sure if this system will find its way into production, at least someone shows initiative. I would rather see some innovation on display on a show, than the same things you have seen the last couple years (Btw, all major conventions, like bauma or connexpo, are held every 3 years, who needs the woc every year?)

Z-Boom_Parks 02-04-2015
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I agree with Dipstick, most placing crews lugging line rely on the surge to help kick back 3.5in and larger line. Even with Eggs and Pans on the clamps, 20ft of hose full of mud is a lot to pull back with no extra kick.

JM81 02-04-2015
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 This is a protype and he is showing it on a trailer pump. Think how much boom bounce could be removed with this valve on a long boom pump. 

rusty22 02-06-2015
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Let's see some 3/4 rock at a 4in slump.

The Wizard 05-08-2015
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Udated Concrete Testing

PUMBO 05-10-2015
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Sorry no serious advantage with flow trickling out of the end hose, you really need volume pumped to see if this system actually works. Like somewhre close to 60 practical cubes an hour. another interesting test is what if the hopper is left empty by the agitator driver and it starts sucking air in between does the cutting ring seal work in real time with this scenario? and do you get some serious air surging explosions at the end hose?

The Wizard 05-11-2015
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The Wizard 05-14-2015
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Concrete Test #3 & #4

The Wizard 08-18-2017
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An update of the progress of production prototype.  Upcoming demo pours will have improved videography.

You can see a video of the pump on a commercial job pouring a 10 yard 6" Mezzanine deck @

There is also two other videos of the first concrete tests:
This technology can & will be scaled up for volume to use on Boom Pumps and for high pressure for high rise applications.

Pumpatude 08-26-2017
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Great idea... Where you will catch our attention will be pushing a smooth, long, uninterrupted arc, wide open. Surge is rarely an issue unless you are trying to unload some serious volume, running wide open. Show us a machine that can lay down an honest yard per minute of 1" minus material without breaking our back and we will all throw our money at it.