Not for hire pumps
WallCoPump 04-18-2005
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Does anyone else work for a company that only pumps its own jobs?

RockPumper 04-21-2005
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Are you in Fenix? We have 3 pumps. Use several rental pumps everyday also. e-mail me.

BJTINK 04-26-2005
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Yeah I think that companies that have there own pumps and do their own jobs is great. I dont like the fact that they dont do all of their work. Espeacially firerock and ahwatukee. You know what I am talking aboutuncle B

WallCoPump 05-01-2005
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Yo B you can have Firerock and Ahwafukee, those hillside jobs suck. :eg:Goes in the big end, comes out the little....sometimes