"Oh My, have you seen this site!!!!!!!!!"
Todd 12-05-2005
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Do you think the concrete pumping industry needs a site like this one??[url=http://www.craneconsultants.com/CraneMishaps_2005.htm]http://www.craneconsultants.com[/url]Take a look at the crane video and dont look at the grusome pictures, it will make you sick.This message was edited by Todd on 12-19-05 @ 7:01 AM

donnie 12-05-2005
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we all know how stressfull and dangerous it can be if YOU let it. In my area (St. Louis, MO.) last week experienced 42 meter operator hit power line, fried truck, bolts of electric(I heard didnt see) from outriggers to ground. Luckily noone hurt, Pics casn serve as reminders BE SAFE!!!

daveck27 12-06-2005
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Bob--I agree that for the type 3 company, that is a terrible experience (or any of the types, for that matter). Many valuable things can still be learned from honest mistakes, though. The problem is our legal system, like you said. If the bottom feeders can be kept at bay(yeah right), and each case presented with some background, then we can all learn. On the crane site, some of the failures were caused by repairs done by reputable companies. Hopefully other crane companies will take these mistakes to heart and not repeat. Others were caused by weather. Not much you can do there, I guess. Before I got into this work, I was an outdoor guide. There is a book put out every year called Accidents in North American Mountaineering. It give a synopsis of the accident, with useful info on how to prevent it in the future. It also talks about the experience and attitude of the climber. It is very candid. This may be a sort of model for what is being discussed. There are excerpts from it at [url=http://www.americanalpineclub.org/knowledge/publications-acc-excerpts.asp]http://www.americanalpineclub.org/knowledge/publications-acc-excerpts.asp[/url]As you can tell, I am in favor of such a site.

Todd 12-06-2005
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Great stuff dave. Todd Bullis

Creteeater 12-06-2005
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We had a boom inspection done and about a yearlater we had our pump inspected by Chuck Witty Inspections. I might a spelled it wrong. Anyway the Witty guy found some real problems that the first guy never did. I think this cuz when the witty guy got done with my pump it was more stable and worked gooder than it use to. It was more stable. Go figure that out. Any way there is a diffrence in boom inspection companys and you need to get a real goodone. I dont know how much they both cost but the Witty guy did a hellofa better job. How is a guy suposd to know if a inspection company is a good one ?

Derputzmeister 12-08-2005
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I am always cautious and watching, looking, listening, scanning over everthing and during stops in pumping I am always looking for something, somewhere, somehow that may go wrong. After watching some of the videos and looking at some of the pics I am doing even more....I think it is a good thing to post that info. It was on my mind and thoughts all day. If we learn from someone elses unfortunate accident then we will be better off.

donnie 12-08-2005
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exactly, i hate to believe in murphys law but sometimes seems tru IF ANYTHING CAN GO WRONG IT WILL> So stay step ahead and prevent before event