Ok, great new product. Great idea.
Todd 06-29-2022
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Check out this awesome new product. Great product and great price, let me know what you think after you get a few. 


John Concrete Pumping 06-30-2022
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Hello Todd thank you for sharing this product with us, I just ordered a couple, and will let you know the feedback. Once again thank you this will save my life since I work with foundation walls.

Jim S 08-02-2022
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What are your thoughts on these?  Have you had a chance to use them yet?

John Concrete Pumping 08-06-2022
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Hello Jim, they work great we have been using them on almost every single pour. It helps to protect driveways, formwork, pumps, and hoses. I also like that's easy to carry and store, it is one of the best inventions and must-haves in the concrete business.