Olin pump in a Olin Plant
79xlch 03-25-2011
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We have been pumping in a Olin plant that is sinking into the ground. They make chlorine and caustic. The caustic is dissolving the dirt and the unit and control room is sinking 3" a year. The contractor is removing the slabs and installing grade beams and new slabs. The unit has been slab jacked for years and now during the removal you can see the different layers of grout. They have come in and put auger cast piles down 175' and structural steel columns and beams that go through the unit to "hang" it off of the piles. The new concrete now is for the pumps to sit on. Everything has jacks connected so they can level it every month. I have been pumping there for about 3 months and it just hit me the other day about my Olin in Olin, guess I am a little slow.

smalls 03-26-2011
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how about some pics