Olinpump 15-45: is this an issue or not?
jkimmerling 01-16-2023
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Hello, I just bought a used Olin 15-45 and I am wondering if I have an issue, or if this is normal.

The s-tube cylinder seems to kick when it retracts, but I am unsure if it is normal to move that fast compared to the extension (I have read that retract is usually faster.).

I took a video of it:

Is this a normal cycle for a single cylinder s-tube assembly? Or should I look into getting it addressed?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated

jkimmerling 01-16-2023
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Now, after watching more videos, I am wondering if the extension part is too slow (instead of the retraction being fast)

Does it look slow or lagging to anyone else?

orygun 01-23-2023
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the badder of your surge chamber is old. they are $ 300- bucks plus the $30- nitrogen recharge and what ever labor. when its shifting on the slow side its running off the main pump. gets a little pressure on the other stroke.